Company Formation, Structuring and Administration

At Plus Consulting we assist our clients in the setting up and administration of various types of entities in Dubai and other offshore jurisdictions.

Our dedicated team will assess your needs and the aim of your business and advise you on the most optimal structure that will suit your objectives and enhance your current structure. We also ensure that your structure is manage in the most effective way and we will provide you with the best administrative, management compliance and company secretarial services.

Private Trust Company Set up and administration

Private clients and entrepreneurs who have accumulate enough wealth always find it difficult to pass over the control of their assets and wealth to third parties. In such situations where these clients want to retain more control and be more involve in the management and administration of their trust structures, we advise and assist in the establishment of Private Trust Company (PTC).

Establishment of Trust

Trust has been in existence for centuries and has been the most commonly vehicles for holding property and other assets of an individuals or group of beneficiaries.
Trust is widely used vehicle for structuring purposes by both private and corporate clients and we assist our clients with establishing their trust in different jurisdictions.

Establishment of Limited Partnership

Limited Partnerships are highly flexible and customisable vehicles used for structuring of investments. It allows the client with greater flexibility, management and control. The management of the Limited Partnership will be done by the General Partner and the Limited Partner normally does not participate in the day to day management of the Limited Partnership. The Liability of the Limited Partner is limited to the amount of capital contributed in the partnership.

We assist our client in establishing their Limited Partnership in different jurisdictions and we assist in the drafting of the Limited Partnership agreement.

Family Office Services

At Plus Consulting, we assist our clients to integrate all family wealth requirements into a seamless family office. In a view to safeguarding your family wealth, we advise and assist at succession planning, asset and investment management, wealth structuring and real estate advice.

We assist our client in establishing their family offices in Dubai, provide with corporate advisory services, concierge services, visa application, family office management, philanthropic structure and social investment, structure administration etc.

Estate and succession planning

At Plus Consulting we understand that each client and family is unique. We listen to our clients needs and help them define and articulate their aspiration as well as the objectives which provide the foundation for sound estate and succession planning.

We advise and develop strategic structures and succession plan to safeguard their family wealth and achieve longterm wealth planning objectives.

Banking Services (assistance for bank account opening in different jurisdiction)

With Automatic Exchange of Information and the challenging compliance process in place with all financial institution, it is becoming more and more difficult for client to open bank account nowadays and the process can be lengthy and cumbersome.

We assist our client in navigating this process by being the first point of contact being the client and the banks in opening their bank accounts. We work closely with different financial institutions and we are well aware of the compliance needs of these institutions and with our knowledge and experience, we are able to work assist our clients in getting their bank account in a reasonable time.


Recent changes in the banking environment has imposed stringent requirements on banks and financial institutions. It is important that clients comply with the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and FATCA. We help and assist our clients to navigate this process so that their entities are properly classified as per FATCA and that proper reporting is being made under CRS.

Property Advisory – Identifying residential and commercial properties to purchase in Dubai

We facilitate and assist our clients in residential and commercial property deals by bringing property developers, clients, financial investment and opportunities together. At Plus Consulting, we offer a single and comprehensive point of contact to coordinate and oversee all the aspects involve in real estate transactions. We also assist our client with the incorporation and administration of the right structure (JAFZA Offshore) to hold their property in Dubai.

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